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8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!

8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!
8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!

8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!

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8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!


Love doodling? Planning out your next big plans? Writing some temporary notes? Or finding a way to keep your kids' hands occupied? Say hello to this 8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board!This electronic doodle board is the best thing that ever happened! No more looking for some pen and paper. You’ve got everything you need in this one cool package!

Super Eco-Friendly

  • Save 100,000 papers across its lifetime, which equals to 3 BIG trees!!! Go paperless with this reusable doodle board and you’ll be saving nature at the same time.

    Flexible LED Screen PLUS Stylus!

    Non-Toxic — No Dust, No Ink, No Chalk, No Crayons!

    • It’s totally hassle-free and good for your health! No more dealing with the mess often brought about by using strong-smelling ink, dusty chalks or toxic crayons. This time, let the stylus be your safe doodling best friend!

    Anti-Glare Technology

    • It’s designed to not hurt and/or strain the eyes! This way, you can use it for endless fun and creativity. Enjoy hours and hours of doodling frenzy!

      One Click Clean Up

      • Simply press the “Clear” key to clean up the contents of the board. When cleared, the screen will flash a few times and then it’s good for doodling again.

      Notes Locking Function

      • It even allows you to protect your notes from accidental deletion.

        Wide Usability

        • Perfect for learning, working, doodling, writing memos, and more.
        • Ideal as a daily communication tool for deaf and elderly people.
        • Great for kids to practice or hone their writing and creativity skill.
        • It even has magnetic strips on the back that will allow you to easily post it on metal surfaces.
        • You can even use it as a family message board on the fridge!

        Lightweight, Sleek, Slim, and Portable

        • It fits nicely into your bag. Bring it with you anywhere you go for an instant writing or doodle board whenever you and your family need it.

        The fun never stops with this 8.5-Inch LCD Doodle Board! Write down your ideas as you plan. Post a sweet message for your loved ones at home. Keep the kids busy minus the paper and crayons. Or doodle your way out of boredom. The choice is all yours! Get your very own doodle board today!


        Material/s: ABS & Flexible LCD Panel

        Power Source: CR2016 Battery (Replaceable)

        Size: Approx. 225mm x 145mm / 8.5” (board)

        Weight: About 113.5 grams

        Available Stylus Strokes: Fine / Rough

        Available Colors: Black / White / Green / Red / Blue

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